American Racer

Dirt Late Model / Dirt Modified

BT Series - Block Tread

Our latest compound and construction technology is realized with this series. The BT tire has excellent forward traction and side bite. The tapered block design and factory edges hold up to the most extreme racing conditions. Can be grooved or siped with ease.

28.5/11-15 BT
88-90"@ 6-12 psi.
This tire makes an excellent front tire and has been improved for heavt track conditions.
Can also be used as LR to free up the car.
88.0/11-15 BT
87-88"@ 6 psi.
Wider LR than DTW series. Drives considerably harder than DTW LR for slick conditions.
29.0/11-15 BT
91½"-92½" @ 10 psi.
This RR is the latest design with factory tapered blocks and construction specific compounding, from time trials to feature this tire sets the standard. Construction of this Right Rear (in the soft compound range: SD23-SD44) promotes freeing the car up. This tire works best on high speed / lots of fraction type surfaces where car is too tight.

DTW Series - Rain Tread

This is American Racers most universal tire. Very little preparation is needed, bolt on and race. The DTW makes excellent side bite and also makes an exceptional steering tire. Rain tread tires are very durable, run cooler than the other series, and have won races on all types of track services. The DTW Series is similar in construction to the Hoosier LM series. We run our SD44 against the LM20 and our MD56 against the LM40.
86"-87" @ 6 psi.
LR or Frt App
88"-90" @ 6-12 psi.
LR or Frt App
91½"-92½" @ 9 psi
RR App

GT Series - Groove Tread or Chain Link

(factory circumference with cross notches)
28.5/11.0-15 GT LSW
90" @ 10 psi Frt app
88" @ 6 psi LR app
Loose side wall construction makes this a very good slick track steering tire. Also can be used on L.R. to free car up on sticky conditions.
88.0/11-15 GT
88" @ 6 psi. LR app
Typically used on L.R. for additional traction. This is the widest L.R. tire that we produce. This tire can be grooved and spied to suit track condition.
29.0/111-15 GT LSW
91½"-92½" @ 9 psi R.R. app
Open competition R.R. that makes excellent forward and side bite
92.0/11-15 GT
91½"-92½" @ 9 psi R.R. app
R.R. for extremely heavy/wet track conditions, black rubber down tracks or race tracks with high banked corners.

Compound Guide

SD 23 100-130 Wet, heavy conditions / qualifying and heat races D03 / 1100
SD 33 110-140 Tacky hooked up conditions with some abrasion D06 / D11/1200
SD 38 120-150 Best when track has abrasion with low tire temp D15 / 1300 / 1200
SD 44 130-160 Use when track is in transition from tacky to slick D21 / LM20 / 1300 /1325
SD 48 140-180 Moderate heat, slick and/or abrasive tracks with a black streak 1400 / 1425 / D35 / 1350
MD 53 150-190 Hard shiny black/ can take medium heat and abrasion D45 / 1450 / 1500
MD 56 160-210 Hard shiny black slick/ can take heat & abrasion D55 / 1600 / LM40
MD 50 160-220 Rubber down/ high heat / intended for abrasive race surfaces D28 / 2400
MD 57 170-250 Similar to MD 50 slightly harder compound D46 / 2500
HD 70 / D4B 200-260 Day time tire grinder/ dull black rubber down D70 / 2700